Travel information

The bus will leave from the S. Daukantas square, which is near to the central headquarters of Vilnius University (Universiteto st. 3) at 15:00. The exact place is marked on the map:

Participants who are flying directly to Palanga and need a taxi to get to the “Romuva“ guest house
please contact the secretariat. This way we will be able to arrange the taxi for you because there might
be a limited amount of taxis available at late night. The last taxi reservations is possible on September the 2nd, 18:00. The approximate price for the taxi is expected to be around 10 €.
Some information on transportation is available here:

Please do not use the buses at the airport, they are not stopping in Palanga but go directly to Klaipeda!

The organising committee of LUP-2016 provides the accommodation only for the September 5th to
September 9th. If you arrive at night from 4th to 5th of September you need additional night at the
hotel. The accommodation for additional nights can be reserved in Romuva at your own expenses. If you need such accommodation please contact the secretariat immediately.